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EST Home Safes: A Small Hotel-Style Safe for Your Home or Business

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The EST Series safes are known for theircompact design, perfect for everyday use. It won’t overwhelm your space, fitting neatly into closets, cabinets, or under desks. Its unassuming presence is its strength.The EST's are practical, reliable, and there when you need them. The EST Series safes feature an emergency key-lock override system. Two keys, discreetly stored, grant access when needed most. If you need to secure some paperwork or a few valuables in your home or office, the EST is a solid choice for a small scale safe.

  • 14ga. Solid steel construction
  • E-lock with large touch screen keypad
  • 4 compact models to choose from
  • Great for home, office or RV


Weight 30 lbs
Inside Dimensions

8.8125"H x 16.6875"W x 12"D

Outside Dimensions

9"H x 16.875"W x 14.125"D

Clear Door

6.75"H x 13"W

Cubic Inches




Weight 22 lbs
Inside Dimensions

9.5625"H x 13.9375"W x 7.75"D

Outside Dimensions

9.75"H x 14.125"W x 9.75"D

Clear Door

7.625"H x 10.25"W

Cubic Inches